It occurs to me…

It occurs to me…


…as I eat yogurt and honey wondering about basic truth,

the land of milk and honey isn’t a place, it’s inside us.

listening to us calling to it from a jungled life, asking 

us to walk toward a tiny light that whispers,

“Here is your path, the guidance 

you asked.”


Open your mind past waves of want, past the world,

to embrace your gift.  Leave behind the questions,

the doubts. You drive the…

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Do you ever wonder?

I mean…really wonder

about what you see

hear, feel, perceive…



Reflection from still waters

doesn’t show the fish

eating smaller fish

below the false



Underneath the skin of life

do we really know if

we believe or see,

hear or perceive

the truth?


Do you often wonder

if the strictures of life

choke our ability to

see past our own


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Running in Circles


Over and Over,

Again and Again,

I understand the message

but don’t know what it means.

It’s 1:13 in the morning, God,

the creator, the maker of all things

or a sadistic subconscious.

I’m waiting in a room or in an airport

or with friends and family…waiting

No hurry, lot’s of time.  Everyone’s

clothes smell of perfumed dirt.


Tonight my mind sat in Brazil,

talking to my son about yogurt.


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Black and White Photo Day

Black and White Photo Day

Today is black and white photo day.

If cheese were as old as I am, it would’ve turned to dust years ago.

I’m up.  Again.  Why 3am?  Why not 1 or 5? 

In fact, why not go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 6am?  

Because that would be convenient.

No imagination today, simply exasperation!

First Christmas

That’s why I’m boring you with a family picture. 

Ho Ho Humbug and a Meh.  My first Christmas at age 5 months.


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Alternate Universe Meditation


Your toes are relaxed…

is there light after death?

Your feet are relaxed…

did I turn off the stove?

Your knees are relaxed…

why is Dingo nuzzling me?

Your calves are relaxed…

Why is Dingo whimpering?

.Dingo on his bed

Does Dingo think I’m dying?

Your thighs are relaxed…

I have to finish my books before I die…

Your hips are relaxed…

Why is a fat, white dog licking my toes?

Is she skinny in an alternate universe?

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2 Rabid Peeves

I can’t really call them “pet” peeves.  There’s nothing docile about them.

2014 woman

1.  The only pharmacy that gets my prescriptions right is Wal-Mart. The rest of them screw it up every time.   Why they have the best pharmacy in town and the worst customers, I may never know.  

While I’m fighting my way through Zombie Central, I might as well pick up a couple of things. Right? (I know–you can see this…

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